Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Fidget Blankets

I have been one of a group of ladies  making Fidget Blankets for the Orthopaedic ward at our local hospital.
Dementia get very confused when they have been put into a strange environment and they will often self-harm. Fidget blankets keep those hands occupied and become a comfort to them. 
Strong stitch work and plenty of colour, different textures, zips and velcro all make a situation more bearable to these patients.
They are proving very successful.

Monday, 28 September 2015


The Mister is going to start wood turning again and between 
us we have become Katrina Krafts.


When you mention Boston people automatically think of Boston USA, but this is the original Boston, little old Boston, Lincolnshire in the UK. Land of the Pilgrim Fathers and what better way to view it but from the top of our beautiful church St. Botulphs, affectionately known as 'The Stump'.

It sits majestically in the centre of the town, overlooking the market square that bustles on a Wednesday and a Saturday. When people come from the surrounding villages to buy there fresh fruit and vegetable along with many other items.

It is 209 stone steps up to the viewing gallery and well worth the effort. During WW2 it was used as a look out by the Air Wardens.

The River Witham ambles through the county arising near Grantham, through Lincoln and Boston and ending up in the Haven, the tidal part of the Wash. It is on the banks of the Haven stands a memorial stone to the Pilgrim Fathers, commemorating the attempts of the Scrooby Congregation in 1607 to escape to Holland. This was twarted but they were the precursors of the Pilgrims that later escaped to America.

River Witham as it passes through Boston out to sea.
'The Stump' is the parish church of Boston and the building of the existing church began in 1309, but remains of earlier churches have been discovered dating back to the Norman times. Legend has it was built on the site of a monastery founded by Botulph in 654.
The tower was not begun until 1450. There were structural problems due to the Stumps close position to the River Witham, but when they eventually completed it it stood a staggering 272 feet high (83m)

Sunday, 27 September 2015

3rd Attempt

Well this is my 3rd attempt at bread making by hand the 'Fulbeck Bread' way and I am really chuffed with myself. A vast improvement from my 1st attempt and it is edible.
What do you think?

Bracelet Bonanza

 Bracelet Bonanza Time


Katrina Krafts


Only 88 days to the big C...

So why not start 

shopping early.

Something for a loved one or just spoil yourself

Each bracelet comes in an organza pouch.

Katrina Krafts has a selection 

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Thank you for dropping by.

King George VI

I have been having a sort out and found this. It is a copy of the official Coronation souvenir programme of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in May 12th 1937. 

1937 I hear you say yes, but I wasn't around then. So I have put it on Ebay (with worldwide postage). 

It in very good condition to. No doubt spent its life in the bottom of a draw. 

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Stash of Fabric

Today I have been mooching about and feeling fabrics.
Choosing some wonderful soft denim to make some more bags.
I also came across some wonderful gold felted wool and I already have great ideas for that.
So watch this space and see what jumps out of the KK stable.

Friday, 25 September 2015

A well earned cuppa

The ironing is finished and now it is time to enjoy a cuppa and then continue with some felting.

Busy stocking up for my next craft fair.

Second Attempt

Second attempt the Fulbeck Bread way. Getting there!

It definitely looks better than my first attempt

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Cats in baskets

While my second attempt of bread is rising I am making some baskets for my sleeping cats. 

First Try

Mmm not as good as Linda Hewett's from Fulbeck Bread, in fact nothing like her bread. I will not be beaten!
If at first you don't succeed try, try again.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015


An excellent demonstration today by Linda Hewitt from Fulbeck Bread. Such a lovely lady and her relaxed fun way of teaching was brilliant I am definitely going to have a go. She has such a different method than the way I was taught and wonderful results.

New Friend

This little chap has just arrived at the KK stable in readiness for my October Craft Fair.
His brother will be flying in soon.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Patchwork Love

A new addition to the KK stable this beautiful patchwork draw string shoulder bag.

I love to up-cycle where possible and it is made from lovely soft denim and lined with a bronze satin.

Big enough to fit a folder in too!

New Beginnings


New Beginnings. New Webpage. New Ideas

Katrina Jewellery has now become Katrina Krafts.

So much has happened in the last year it is nice to do something different. What a wonderful feeling.

Please come back and see how we are getting on.
It is three months since writing that and so much has happened.
It is always hard when you start up a business, your confidence needs to grow and you wonder whether your crafts will be liked or even looked at. There are so many wonderful things out there. 

However, my slow beginning before this Christmas have been positive and something to build on.
My Christmas Craft Fairs have been successful,
My Folksy Shop is doing well,
I am beginning to have a presence on Twitter
and I am already booking up for next year.
I have so many new ideas buzzing around in my head.

So please have a wonderful Christmas and prosperous New Year and keep popping back to give me your support. Your visits are very much appreciated. And why not drop by my shop every now and then to see what is new. 
In 2016 I plan to sort out postage abroad.