Sunday, 11 October 2015

'Arthur' King of the Sky

Thursday was an amazing day for my 'other half' what do you think he caught? No it wasn't a cold in fact it was this a Harris Hawk. He was  minding his own business in the garden and saw a movement and what he first thought to be a crow in the hedge bottom turned out to be this. Meet Arthur an escapologist from the local Northcote Heavy Centre. He escaped about 7 weeks ago and is now safely back at home. The vet gave him a clean bill of health -nothing that a good feed would cure.

Northcote is no usual Horse Centre it is a forever home for 'heavy horses' as well as other creatures.  They have medieval events with jousting and  that is where Arthur comes into it. Falconry from horse back. 

They also have fire eating,  a vaulting team, as well as open days where you can assist grooming the horses and watch them being harnessed. They also have 'Red Letter' days where you can long rein them etc. At one stage Northcote was home to Goliath the World's largest horse. He held the
title twice as he regained it when the new claimant sadly died. They are a registered charity that is run by volunteers and they are always glad of some support whether it be physical or financially. So why not give their website a visit and look at their shop. Their Christmas catalgue will be out soon.

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