Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Yesterday we tootled off to the local garden centre to purchase some compost. A pretty mundane thing to do in the beginning of October. We walked through the door and round the corner and WHAM a complete wall of Christmas. Music playing, Santa going 
Why oh why do we need it so early. Rammed down our throats so that by the time Christmas actually arrives you can't wait til it is over.

Christmas is a time for children, a magical time when all their senses are tickled with excitement. Gifts under the tree, waiting for Santa, rich smells of pine, cinnamon, orange, mulled wine, sparkling lights, possibly snow, time from school to visit family and play with their new toys. 

My tree stays firmly undressed until the middle of December. So that the magic of Christmas, especially for my grandchildren, is exactly that. Magic

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