Monday, 12 October 2015

Lincoln Cathedral

Hi I hope you all had a good weekend. Did you do anything special?
You may have read before but I am a member of the Womens' Institute and this year we are celebrating our centenary. It originated in Canada and our first Institute began in Llanfair, Wales. Many events have been taking place all over the country. The AGM was attended by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II along with other royal family members. The baton travelled around the country preceding the AGM allowing it to touch every institute in the country. It arrived to us in June 2014,

Lincolnshire being no different had a celebration service in Lincolnshire Cathedral yesterday.Now I have been to visit the Cathedral but have never took part in a service there. There must have been about 250 members from all over the county.

The sun was shining and the light was streaming through the magnificent stained glass. You could see the dust particles dancing in the rays of light. Many were already were seated by the time we arrived and we were seated in one of the Bishop stalls that line the the walls. This also gave us a very good view. The choir came in and were seated and we were greeted by the Dean of Lincoln, The Very Reverend Dr Philip Buckler. 
A reading from the New Testament was read by the President of the Lincoln WI. My favourite piece sung by the Cathedral Choir was the Magnificat (The Song for Mary). At the end of the service we all sung 'Jerusalem' and my spine tingled with all these people singing together in this beautiful building with such wonderful acoustics.
Following the service we went and had tea and scrumptious cake. When we left for home we came out through a back way into a grassed courtyard and looking up looked like we were on set for Harry Potter with all the flying buttresses. It was an experience I shall not forget.

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