Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Mmm Shall I or Shan't I?

When I left work my work colleagues very kindly gave me some vouchers to spend at our local independent department store in Boston. They have been sitting in my purse urging me to spend them.

Some of it I have spent in their delicious craft area and the rest I wanted to get something not only useful but something I definitely needed.
1st attempt
As you may remember I have been learning to make proper bread after watching a demostration by Linda Hewett from Fulbeck Bread. 
She had  used electronic scales and I genuinely think that I would benefit from a decent set of scales. 

The set I have had for many years and they have done me proud but their accuracy has become very hit and miss. So today I ventured into the store and bought myself a set of smart electronic scales. And they will even calculate liquids!! How cool is that. And I had a few pennies left over to purchase two swish silicon spoons. I love my tongs and spatula so look forward to using them. So here is hoping my bread will go to a new level. I have no excuses.

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