Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Slow Internet

Living in rural Lincolnshire is wonderful. Wide open skies, bird song, fields and trees but it does have it's draw backs. For a long time broadband has been slow or near non existent is areas. Super broadband is being rolled and life has been miserable for me during the earlier part of this year with intermittent and slow broadband.
chin 'super speed broadband is coming' we are told and when D-day arrives we are told by one of the top telephone companies - you are not wanted as a customer because you have copper cable. Shunned after many years as a customer. So we move over to a smaller company and they couldn't have been more helpful. So far my internet is good not 'super' but good. I visited Grimsby today they were busy preparing  for Christmas, putting up the Christmas tree and lights ready for the big switch on. I was amazed how quick it was to upload - only seconds and they even had a self service parcel machine in the Post Office!!
However, I prefer the countryside and less traffic so I think I shall be happier queuing in my local Post Office and waiting for things to upload. 
Mind you I could always wait til I visit family in Grimsby again.

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