Saturday, 7 November 2015

We Will Remember Them

Today I visited a WWI exhibition in a village near to us. It was put on by the local history group and set out to tell the story of all the young men that happily joined up to fight for their King and Country. Many of them were part of the 'Grimsby Chums'. They were send out to France and half of them died out there, the other either came home and died of injuries or for the lucky few went on to live into old age. There was a brilliant display of the early WWI tanks that were built here in Lincolnshire by William Foster of Lincoln. I was a hell on tracks - hot, noisy and poor vision but they looked very fearsome and must have frightened the young German Army seeing them for the first time. 

These amazing uniforms are rare WWI tank regiment uniforms.
Notice the left one has a leather helmet and the right one has a 'scatter mask to help protect 
the eyes.
My Grandfather used to talk of these tanks when he was out in France and laughed how they had bicycle bells to let people know they were coming. I believe the sheer size and noise was enough.
One of the village men went out to Belgium as a Medical Orderly and was awarded a medal from the King of Belgium for his  bravery and hard work in the effort to help and preserve life. It must have been a horrible place to be with so many wounded.
They were the lucky ones who if died has an honourable burial but
for many they are just remembered by there families and their names engraved are marked on the major war monument at Thiepval (in the depatment of Picardie) for the men who died at the Somme and have no known grave.

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