Tuesday, 29 December 2015


What is happening to this world? It has gone bonkers! 
We desperately need to get our act together. 
Not just one or two of us but all of us.
While I have friends in the North of England struggling against the wrath of the storms, trying to cope with all the floods.

I and others in Lincolnshire are experiencing warm weather and all our spring flowers are                    blossoming. But in December!

If we now get hard frosts and cold weather, the trees and flowers are going to get such a shock.

Monday, 28 December 2015


I truly admire people that can do things with ease, but for me it has been a learning curve. Having found I was unable to continue making my jewellery I had to learn anew and last night I had my Eureka! moment as I mastered the art of wire feet for my felted birds.

Ha ha this was my first attempt (below) and I know 
that my techniques have evolved. 

So 2016 will begin with the triumphant phrase 'Onwards and Upwards'. like everything it you are continually learning and would be extremely boring if you didn't.

I appreciate your visits.

Happy New Year.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015


Now luck comes by chance whether it be good or bad.
There have been lucky talisman/charms used all over the world and they have been used for centuries.
A four leaf clover being one. Believe it or not I found one about 40 years ago and carry it with me everywhere. Who knows if it works!

Here are some of the most well known and there are many more:-
1. Horseshoe from Europe
2. Laughing Buddha (Hotei) from Japan
3.Rabbit Foot is Celtic
4.Wishbone from the Etruscans in Italy
5. Alligator Teeth from Africa
6. Swastika - the word swastika is Sankrit meaning Good Lood
7. Lemon Chilli from Hindu mythology
8. Evil Eye from the Middle East
9. Three Keys from Japan

The say that it is lucky if a bird leaves it dropping on you 
BUT I think it was lucky that he had his hat on!

Friday, 18 December 2015

Beethoven 245th......

Can you believe that Beethoven came into this world just 245 years ago and his amazing music still lives on. Can you imagine the Spice Girls being played in another 200 years - Mmmm but I bet Beethoven will still be going strong.
He was baptized in Bonn on December 17th 1770.
There were seven children but only 3 survived and Ludwig was the eldest. His father was a musician at the court in Bonn.

This is the complete 6th Symphony 'Pastoral' - one of my favourites. During the bustle of the run up to Christmas take a few minutes to relax and have a listen.

He died in 1827, aged 57 and is buried in the Central Cemetary in Vienna. 

I have seen his grave on a visit to Vienna a few years ago. 

Thank for dropping by


Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Fairytale in New York

I have many Christmas songs that I like and this is one of them.

Fairy tale in New York by the Pogues with Kirsty McColl

Monday, 14 December 2015

Star Wars

The Premiere of the new Star Wars film 'The Force Awakens'  is today in the USA  and in the UK tomorrow and for all you who won't get to see it here is the Official trailer for you.

Other release dates

And just for fun

Friday, 11 December 2015

I did it my way....

A tribute to Frank Sinatra who would be celebrating his 100th birthday tomorrow.

December 12th 1915

I do like to be beside the seaside.....!

Today we went down to Skegness to get some fresh air and treat ourselves some fish and chips from the renowned 

The Clock (right) was built in 1898 to commemorate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.

The town centre was decorated and the shops were full of people Christmas shopping.

 The sun was shining and we decided to walked down to the beach and see what was going on.

Surprise surprise the beach and promenade was 
deserted. The wind was a bit brisk but it was beautiful. A delightful couple with their dogs stopped and asked us to take a photograph of them together with the wind turbines in the background.



The Boston Stump or St Botolphs Church stands empty ready for its Christmas adornments.
This year they have joined with
BBC Radio Lincolnshire to have their Christmas service from here and it will be aired on Christmas Day.

 For weeks now their listeners and communities at large have been busy knitting stars to adorn the inside of the Stump.
Each star will have a dedication  attached for someone absent. Maybe passed on, perhaps living away or in the Forces.   

The 'Knitivity' has inspired the community and over 3,000 stars have been made and a rememberance has been put up with all their names.
These are just a few of the trees that stand dressed with stars.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

John Lennon - Imagine

A tribute to John Lennon who died today - 8th December 1980

My little Hedgehog

Last night at WI our guest speaker was from Caddington Hedgehogs and our competition was a handmade hedgehog.
I chose to take one of my felted animals and I won 1st prize.
He is now for sale on Folksy.

After a busy few weeks I have been replenishing stock and thinking up news ideas as well.

I have been making felted robins and somehow the last one went a bit awry and it turned into a cute baby hedgehog.
Now I have a new addition to my Felties 
Siblings are on their way.

If you want to find out more about hedgehogs why not visit 'Hedgehog Street'

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Christmas Trees

Today we went to the Horncastle Christmas Market. Thankfully the strong winds from Storm Desmond had died down and the market square was filled with people.
Singers sang carols, Banovallum Brass were playing seasonal music, there was folk and jazz, hot dogs, burgers made from beef,ostrich,wild boar and kangaroo.
Many of the shops had opened and you could browse the antique shops.
Over in the church was a Christmas tree festival. There were 51 in all and they were all sizes. 
This one was huge it had to be nearly 12 feet tall  and covered with paper Christmas Baubles decorated by the local primary school. There was a competition as to how many were on it. I would estimate there must have been nearly 3000 baubles. It was beautiful.

There was one decorated by the local police, one by a local knitting group. The thought that had gone into them all was amazing. Next door was the Horncastle Community Centre. The two halls were full of  Christmas crafts stalls and competitions and we enjoyed a sit down and a hot drink. Luckily we missed the sharp downpour and emerged later in the dry.
We wondered around the Sir Joseph Banks Centre, a cavern of crafts. Sir Joseph Banks was a famous botanist that that was best known for his journey with Captain Cook on HMS Endeavour. He was born in London but brought up on the Revesby Estate. It had been bought by his great grandfather back in 1714 from the Howard family. 

Friday, 4 December 2015


 I love Teddies the one on the left is Bungee and has been in my life for many years. He is worn with cuddles and his friend Edward belongs to my husband. Edward used to have a growl.
So it seems only right that at Katrina Krafts I make teddies for others to love.

All sizes and colours.
With Christmas around the corner they have been flying off to all parts of the world ready to make people happy.

At the moment another 'hug' of bears are being made.