Wednesday, 23 December 2015


Now luck comes by chance whether it be good or bad.
There have been lucky talisman/charms used all over the world and they have been used for centuries.
A four leaf clover being one. Believe it or not I found one about 40 years ago and carry it with me everywhere. Who knows if it works!

Here are some of the most well known and there are many more:-
1. Horseshoe from Europe
2. Laughing Buddha (Hotei) from Japan
3.Rabbit Foot is Celtic
4.Wishbone from the Etruscans in Italy
5. Alligator Teeth from Africa
6. Swastika - the word swastika is Sankrit meaning Good Lood
7. Lemon Chilli from Hindu mythology
8. Evil Eye from the Middle East
9. Three Keys from Japan

The say that it is lucky if a bird leaves it dropping on you 
BUT I think it was lucky that he had his hat on!

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