Friday, 8 April 2016

Tiger Tiger Burning Bright....


We had a wonderful experience when we visited the Lincolnshire Wildlife Park on Wednesday with our granddaughter and son.
Originally known as the Parrot Zoo, a haven for parrots of all size and colour. Then along came the Meerkats, Reindeer, Otter and Tapir, but last spring new arrivals Dehra with her 3 young cubs, Baseera, Sahjiba and Lajuka changed the Parrot Zoo forever.
These beautiful Bengal Tigers are magnificent. The cubs have grown yet are still as playful as kittens.
The enclosure allowed you to be a whisker away from them looking through thickened glass windows. The sun shone and they bathed in the warm, while Baseera bathed in the water. A new larger enclosure is in the making and we look forward to returning.

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