Monday, 23 May 2016

Early Start

It is 10 to 5 on a Sunday morning and I was up, breakfasted, make-up on and almost ready to leave for Woodhall Spa.
The car was packed up the evening before and we were ready for the off.
The roads were quiet and we passed only a few vehicles going about their daily business.

We arrived to a misty field. The grass was wet from the previous days shower. We found our allotted space and started the process of erecting our pitch. Tables,cloths and bunting brought our gazebo alive and the early morning sunshine burnt off the mist. Leaving the looks of a good day.

Along with my felted animals, fabrics and jewellery appeared a lovely range of painted bird boxes, trugs and walking sticks.
The warm sunshine bathed us and the field became a hive of activity with peoples voices and the sound of animals.

It was a busy day and we didn't have a great deal of time to take in the events going on around us. But by all account the show was a big success and we had a wonderful time meeting some really lovely people.
Now we have to get busy making more things for our outing to Gunby Hall (NT) in June.

Even Zac had a good time.

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