Monday, 27 June 2016

Roses are red............

What a fabulous day at Gunby Hall yesterday. The roses were stunning and their fragrance was out of this world.

They reckon they had nearly 500 people through the gate, with 
the proceeds going to the upkeep of Gunby.

Stalls were arranged the courtyard along with the refreshment tables. 

Apart for a short sharp shower the day was lovely and sunny.
Their next open event is in August with proceeds going to the NGS.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Don't give up

Back in January I wrote this.......

'It's hard when you can no longer exercise like you used to and I could easily walk 8 miles on a shift. So it is no surprise that I have gained weight since I had to finish work.
My clothes have become tighter, buttons refused to meet and I refused to go out and buy bigger clothes. That is where my hubby stepped in and bought me my trusty white steed.'

Now in June....

My trusty steed and I have done some miles and I have lost a stone in weight 
and my clothes are fitting me well.
It wasn't all exercise because I have changed my diet - eating more fruit and veg. When you get fed up you have a tendency to eat stodge and comfort food (well I do)! 
But this have given me a new lease of life.
Unfortunately my neck will never improve and my past exercise is now confined 
to the bin, but I have found a new way to keep healthy and fit.
I still have a bit more to go.
So the morale of this story is don't give up.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Gunby Roses

Fabulous day out at Gunby Hall (NT) on Sunday 26th June.
Their 'Rose Day'.
Not only is the house and fabulous gardens open, but the will be tea and cakes in the tea room, plants for sale and crafts in the Stables.

Wild and Woolly

 Today has been and enjoyable day as I have been trying out a new product to me. It is a scouring liquid that you add to fleece to remove the excess lanolin. So far it is doing what it says on the packaging and I have soft hands to boot. Always a bonus.

Like everyone starting out in felting you buy in your wool and get to grips with the process, but I started to get bored with that and decided to go one step further and join the people that clean and dye their own fleeces.
So far I have played with Jacob,Dorset and Lincolnshire Longwool.
I am awaiting a parcel in the post and I am getting very excited about that. 
So watch this space to find out what it is!

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Willow Weaving

Last night I went to my WI meeting. We were celebrating the Queen's 90th birthday with tea and a wonderful array of homemade cakes, scones and jam.

Our speaker for the evening was a Willow Weaver. She gave us a very interesting talk on Willow.
I was surprised that there is nearly a thousand varieties world wide ranging from 6 inches to 25 metres, but they all have the wonderful soft, silk willow blossom.

Willow comes in numerous colours and is 2nd to the oak in the number of species it homes within the the tree.

 Not only can you made so many different things from its wood ie living sculptures, baskets, coffins, fish traps, food baskets, but it is also famous for its medicinal properties in Aspirin, 

 I also got to make my own willow wand.

Now to make a wish........!

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Raining Cats & Dogs

Well I hope that we do get
 a summer.
Today is June 1st and it is 
cold, wet and windy and 
I have just light the wood burner.