Monday, 20 June 2016

Don't give up

Back in January I wrote this.......

'It's hard when you can no longer exercise like you used to and I could easily walk 8 miles on a shift. So it is no surprise that I have gained weight since I had to finish work.
My clothes have become tighter, buttons refused to meet and I refused to go out and buy bigger clothes. That is where my hubby stepped in and bought me my trusty white steed.'

Now in June....

My trusty steed and I have done some miles and I have lost a stone in weight 
and my clothes are fitting me well.
It wasn't all exercise because I have changed my diet - eating more fruit and veg. When you get fed up you have a tendency to eat stodge and comfort food (well I do)! 
But this have given me a new lease of life.
Unfortunately my neck will never improve and my past exercise is now confined 
to the bin, but I have found a new way to keep healthy and fit.
I still have a bit more to go.
So the morale of this story is don't give up.

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