Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Tea & Tents 2016

I have just come back from an amazing weekend in 
Sherwood Forest camping with another 500+ WI Members from across the country. 

I went with my WI twin and she made a detour to take me to see the Major Oak in Sherwood Forest. It is enormous! With a girth of 33 ft and an estimated age of 1500 years.

We set up camp and went off to meet old and new friends.
 The weather was glorious and Saturday breakfast time we sat out taking in the warmth. Sadie is our Institute mascot and had enjoyed herself last year. So was eager to come again.

 People assume that we are a group of old ladies that just make Jam and sing Jerusalem. This cannot be further from the truth.
Ages go from 18 to 80+ and our weekend activities catered for all
from Axe Throwing to Flower Crowns, from Poetry to Henna painting, from Star Gazing to Zumba. Everyone could be as active or relaxed a they wished.

 My Institute twin won the Bunting Competition and received a lovely sewing bundle for her prize. I won a bottle of Elderflower Cordial in the big raffle. Over 1300 tickets were sold and all the money raised was being divided equally between Rape Crisis England & Wales, RICE: the Research for Care of Older People and our own Denman College.
The Yarm Bombing this year was a 1940's Allotment. There were some stunning things made and put together produced a fabulous sight. After T&T's it was swept away to be reassembled in several places raing money for charity.

All in all it was a fabulous weekend.
Now for a pile of dirty washing and a good nights sleep.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

1940's weekend

Today we went to Woodhall Spa to see the 1940's weekend.  
The main road had been closed off to traffic and a large variety of 1940's vehicles were parked in the High Street.  
An abundance of military and civilian personnel  milled about all in 1940's costume. Music drifted out of the cafe's as people sat out side drinking iced drinks in the heat of the sun. You were never quite sure who you were going to bump into......
even Churchill!
There was a large 1940's outdoor market where you could buy anything from dud hand grenades to hair nets. And to top it all the BBMF Lancaster 'Thumper' flew over us. It was wonderful to see her again in the sky , after a long period of repairs.

This group of Black Watch soldiers told
 me that the Germans called them the
'Devils in Skirts'.

Friday, 15 July 2016


It was such a privilege to sit and watch this beautiful bird this morning. It was by sheer chace we spotted him sitting on a post.
We had taken our dog for a walk down Freiston Shore and on our way back to the car  we caught sight of a flash of blue. Quietly we stood and watched while he managed to catch two small fish before moving on.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Why I enjoy this......

I really enjoy what I do and it makes it even more worthwhile when I get lovely feedback like this :-

Note from the buyer -
Hello, I bought the purple elephant the other day which arrived this morning and my daughter is in love with it. It is gorgeous and it is currently cuddled up in her cot with her. So I am going to treat my niece to one too as I know she will fall in love too.
Thank you.