Sunday, 17 July 2016

1940's weekend

Today we went to Woodhall Spa to see the 1940's weekend.  
The main road had been closed off to traffic and a large variety of 1940's vehicles were parked in the High Street.  
An abundance of military and civilian personnel  milled about all in 1940's costume. Music drifted out of the cafe's as people sat out side drinking iced drinks in the heat of the sun. You were never quite sure who you were going to bump into......
even Churchill!
There was a large 1940's outdoor market where you could buy anything from dud hand grenades to hair nets. And to top it all the BBMF Lancaster 'Thumper' flew over us. It was wonderful to see her again in the sky , after a long period of repairs.

This group of Black Watch soldiers told
 me that the Germans called them the
'Devils in Skirts'.

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