Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Free Motion

I love crafting and love to try things new but sometimes you always go back to what you originally loved to do.
For me it is always embroidery. That started years ago when I was a young Girl Guide and our troop was going to be disbanded due to the lack of a leader. The Mother Superior from St. Margaret's Convent in East Grinstead offered to take over and we joined forces with the convent guide troop. 

One evening we had a tour around the embroidery rooms where the nuns stitched the huge altar cloths etc. The frames were enormous and the nuns stood to sew them from above and below. Their work was exquisite and that began my love of embroidery.
I saw a fabulous exhibition of the Bayeux Tapestry in 1966 at Hastings for the celebration of the 'Battle of Hastings' in 1066. 
I also saw the beautiful 'Quaker Tapestry' in Kendal.                      
So I had a look on You Tube for tutorials on Free Motion Embroidery. It appeared that my machine could do this     - I just needed a different foot. So I rang the sewing machine centre in Lincoln for advice. 
Twenty five poorer I had purchased an open toed pressure foot and some embroidery needles. So my journey had begun.
The tutorial suggested I needed to strap the inner ring of my embroidery ring with strips of fabric to prevent slipping.

I had a brain wave and used a cotton bandage in my first aid box.
Bandage on and fabric and ring fitted I had a good drum sound when I tapped it.
I fitted the foot and drew the bottom thread up through the fabric to prevent knotting and I was ready to play. The bag below is one of my first attempts. There are so many ideas buzzing around in my head I don't know where to start.

I thank you for reading this and hope that you will come back check out what else I get up to with my new foot.

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