Friday, 7 October 2016

'Footers' from Katrina Krafts

Your skin is normally kept healthy being supplied through tiny blood vessels under the surface. Prolonged pressure on certain areas can restrict the blood supply and if not monitored can easily become a pressure ulcer.
I had a health problem that prevented me lying on my side, so the constant pressure on my heels meant I had a pressure ulcer forming. They are very painful and if you cannot move around you are in trouble. I have worked within orthopaedic areas and was well aware of what can happen. I tried numerous methods and none were satisfactory for me. 
So late one night I had a Eureka moment and decided to make myself something. This simple but effective foot cushion was the accumulation of numerous prototypes and I have now been using it for over a year. It gets used in bed every night, if I am sitting of an evening with my feet up and has even travelled in my suitcase with me. 
It is ideal for the elderly in a home situation.

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