Thursday, 6 October 2016

Footers Launch Day

Today is a very exciting day as this is the launch of a long term project of mine.
After a spell of illness where I found I could only sleep on my back which resulted in the beginnings of a painful pressure ulcer.

Having worked within the Orthopaedic environment I was aware of various techniques to reduce pressure, but somehow these didn't seem to work for me then one night I had a Eureka moment and decided to make
various prototypes until I came up with what I wanted.
After further research I submitted my design to the Intellectual Property Office and in  March 2016 I was granted a Certificate of Design for my Foot Cushion.
I use mine daily - it does not cure pressure ulcers, but alleviates the pressure allowing me a good nights sleep.

My Footer is simple to use and hand washable.

or please contact me for further details.

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