Thursday, 27 April 2017

Russian Dolls

The Matroyska doll or Russian nesting  dolls, Babushska or Russian doll is a set of wooden dolls in decreasing sizes that are place one inside the other.

The first set of dolls appeared in 1890 and the dolls were decorated in the traditional sarafan, which is a long and shapeless traditional Russian jumper dress.

Matroyska means 'mother' and Babushka means 'grandmother'.

The modern versions come in many guises.
I in fact have a set of teddy bears.

During the Easter weekend I sat down and did some felting and came up with this little family of Babushka key rings/bag charms.
You can find them in my Folksy shop.

Have a good weekend. Thank you for dropping by.

Monday, 24 April 2017

Inspiration Break

Well I hope that you all had a lovely Easter break.
I for one enjoyed the sunshine on the island of Malta.
Leaving England early one morning in a thick jacket and 
sitting in in short sleeves later that afternoon enjoying a 
glass of the local tipple, a tuna ftira and a slice of Bacci.

One of the funniest things I saw was a Lincolnshire builders 
lorry from a firm that trades just up the road from us.

My Footer came too - light and easy to pack. 
I wouldn't be with out it.

I've had some good inspiration from our holiday.
So watch this space.