Friday, 1 September 2017

All for One.....

Good morning as I am sitting in the sunshine cutting out and sewing the phrase 'All for one' came into my head. No I am not one of the three musketeers, but I was thinking of all the tasks that come together as one.

I recently was introduced to Thread Catcher and I thought what a wonderful idea to make matching ones to my selection of hobby/craft bags I have made. A handy little cloth bucket that collects your threads while sewing that twists down to keep them together. I am always using mine and it is ideal to take with me when I am doing craft shows etc.

My Footers are an extension of Katrina Krafts and therefore are one. They are lightweight, positional, versatile and if you have or know someone with a pressure problem. Why not give them a go.
I am proud to have designed and patented them and wouldn't be without mine. 

Footers a specially designed positioning foot cushion, allowing you to position with ease and comfort, helping to alleviate pressure ulcers on the heels. Initially designed with feet in mind, but has been found useful for knees, elbows and other areas.

Why not give it a go.

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