Sunday, 17 September 2017


Saturday was the big day. I tootled along to Revesby on my own with my needle felting and wool under my arm. 
I have never been daunted in going alone.
I had met two off the ladies the week before at different events and I was also going to collect a pair of carders I was buying from one of them.

I was going for a taster day with the Lincolnshire Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers. I had a wonderfully warm welcome and have already made some new friends.

My needle felting never got to see the light of day as I spent the day spinning.

It may not be perfect but I managed to spin and ply my first skein of wool with immense satisfaction. I was surprised as to how many different types of spinning wheels there are. 
One pedal, two pedal, large and small, travelling wheels and even electric ones.

There were ladies using the drum carders, other knitting and crocheting their own spun wool, as well as another needle felter.

Her work is stunning.

I thoroughly enjoyed my day and I am now a bona-fide member and look forward to continuing to learn this wonderful age old skill.

I am also looking for my own spinning wheel.

Watch this space!

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