Thursday, 26 October 2017

Instrument of Torture!!

Saturday I went to the Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers. It was the second time I had attended.
I had every intention at tackling my Lincoln Longwool fleece.
It is washed and now ready for carding.

Experienced spinners laughed when they realised I was attempting using this as my first project.

The drum carder was set up and it did not like the long staples even when I tried to blend them with a Southdown fleece.

One lady was using Lincoln Longwool to knit with, but she had sent her fleece away to have it prepared professionally.

Plan B was put into action. One lady was expert with combs. 
Now to me they looked like an instrument of medieval torture, but she successfully combed the long staples. Now for me to have a go. I was not so successful I didn't appear to have the arm strength.

I decided to take the combs home with me and try again.
I continued to card the remainder of the Southdown fleece with ease.

I was given the opportunity to hire a wheel for a couple of months. So I came home with my wheel, combs and a piece of fleece.

I have struggled with the combs at home and ended up teasing the Lincoln Longwool and carding it by hand.

I have had more success doing it this way and have made some rolags to try with the wheel.

I can't believe how much I am enjoying this.
I have some washed Texel fleece and some washed Jacobs fleece so I am really looking forward to trying them.

I have been given some walnuts. As they started to split open I save the outer casing and simmered them creating a black dye.
I shall experiment dying some of my fleece to see what happens. 
Please come back and find out what happens.

Thank you for dropping by - Adrienne