Wednesday, 15 November 2017


Hi in a previous blog I was telling you about making some dye from the outside skin of a walnut. Well I tried dying some Jacob's wool and I got this exciting black/brown colour.

I am very pleased with it. 

I am really enjoying using the spinning wheel that I hired from the Guild of Spinner, Weavers and Dyers. Here is a short video clip of me in action.
I have been experimenting with mixing my wool and have found that my Lincoln Longwool is a devil and I have decided to put it to one side and use it in my needle felting.
My spun thread is lowly becoming more even. 
Practice makes perfect.
I do not have a 'Niddy Noddy' yet so I am winding my wool up into balls.
I found my husband's Spear Weaving Loom that he had as a child in the back of the cupboard and thought I would have a play with it. I am very impressed with the result, considering how small the loom is. Being as I do not knit very well I am seriously thinking of getting myself a small Ashford loom.
Who knows what Santa will bring if I am good.

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