Saturday, 27 January 2018

Let Battle Commence

Recently we have had some strong winds blowing across Lincolnshire and
one windy night our beautiful cherry tree was flattened.
Our elderly neighbours have been in their house for 60 years and they say
it was a young tree when they moved in.

You don't realise how big a tree is until it fall down.
The logs are a beautiful red and hopefully some can be
wood turned by my husband. sadly the rest is only fit for
logs on the wood burner next winter.
The front lawn is unrecognisable as it is completely covered in brash. So the shredder has been brought into action and all the small twigs are being shredded for paths and mulch.

Like most things we love to recycle where possible.

Yesterday stared with a hard frost, but later the sun came out and it was a good day to work outside.

While down the bottom of the garden I noticed the bulbs and spring flowers and we already have a pair of blue-tits interested in the bird box up in the Eucalyptus tree.

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