Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Smoked Kippers

 Today turned out to be a beautiful day.
It was raining when I drew back the curtains,
but the strong winds soon blew away the clouds and
left us with a glorious blue sky.
Our large chestnut tree stood out against the sky and the sun shone.

The wind was in the right direction blowing out across the
fields at the back of our house.
Ideal to light a bonfire and start to get rid of this huge
pile of brash left over from when our cherry tree came down.
We only managed to burn have of it, but at least we can
now see part of  the lawn again.

After coming in like a pair of smoked kippers, we showered and had dinner. Then I had time to take my latest scarf off the loom.
It is soft and in a beautiful mixture of wool, alpaca and acrylic yarns in raspberry, apple green and duck egg blue.
Now on folksy.
Thank you for dropping by.

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