Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Dyeing for Spring

After the cold bleak weather of the winter we have supposedly just experienced the hottest April ever, with Horncastle being hotter than Honalulu.
The weather is just bizarre and Mother Nature is throwing extremes at us in a matter of weeks. Today we are back to our usual spring weather - April showers! and our summer clothes go back into the drawer.

The flowers have enjoyed this warm weather too and I have been gathering the finished daffodil heads and the fallen camellia blooms.

I have been eager to continue dyeing my fleece with handmade natural dyes. The results  of these two flowers are shown above.

My zwarbles fleece and brown alpaca have both been washed and I have blended them together and can't wait to spin it.

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Spring is on the way.

Hello everyone I hope that you have enjoyed your Easter weekend. 
I don't know about you, but it rained and rained!

While the young lambs have been battling the weather
 I have been busy sorting out my fleeces.

I finished carding my Clun Forest fleece (bottom left),
started to card my Zwarbles fleece (top left),
washed some brown alpaca today (top right) and
half way through spinning my Jacobs wool (bottom right).
I have hired the drum carder from the Lincolnshire Guild and
this has made life so much easy.

I am happy to be able to begin making things from my own prepared wool.

Also I look forward to flowers this year. I have already made a delightful
soft yellow dye from the dead heads of my daffodils.