Friday, 31 August 2018

Surprise Gift - Wool

Just as I had thought I had got a hold on my stash of wool it has suddenly grown.

My neighbour had been to visit a friend of his in Derbyshire and came home bearing gifts. He had forgotten the breed but is going to find out for me.

One fleece weighs 7lb and the other 4lb. 
They are so soft.

There had been a drizzle on the day the sheep were sheared so today 
they have been spread out over Beryl to dry out in the sun.

Thursday, 30 August 2018


Today has been a busy day. 

I have picked the last of the green tomatoes and 
to my amazement I espied a rosy glow on my pomegranate.
I have a fruit and it is about the size of a golf ball! 

I have had some success with melons, but this is something special.

Then after lunch I finished spinning some Clun Forest wool 
and winding it into skeins.

My next project is spinning some Charolais/Texel 
lambswool that I have carded with sage green merino wool. 

It feels very soft and look forward to using it.

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Hello August

My goodness where has this year gone. 

We have been melting in this weather and the garden is so dry not much looks happy, but the coleus are thriving!
I will openly admit that I was losing the will to do jobs about the house. Let alone making things. Though I did use the warm weather to wash and dry my fleeces and even get some carding done outside in the shade.

However, today is much cooler and I have been motivated to tackle some outstanding jobs and to warp my loom with this wonderful cream and heather Aran wool.

I sat outside on the swing one afternoon for 15 minutes and took part in the Butterfly Watch. It was wonderful to see them all flitting about. I spotted 40 in total - Whites (large and small) , Red Admirals, Peacocks, Small Tortoiseshells, Holly Blues, Gatekeepers, a Meadow Brown, a Comma and a Brimstone,