Thursday, 22 November 2018

Celebrate Handmade

Tomorrow is Black Friday and the start of the Cyber Weekend.

A chance to get a bargain!

Yes I suppose you can sometimes BUT you also get something that is readily manufactured, something that many people could have.

In an age when we are talking about Eco Friendly, Sustainability, 
Re-cycling, Footprints and even Brexit. The rush for Christmas.
 Why not stand back and have a rethink. 

Why not....think local craftsmen, British craftsmen, independent designers and makers. Their products are unique.

Instead of filling the coffers of the big boys why not support the small man. 
Someone who is dedicated to craftsmanship and who is trying to make a living.
I for one knit and weave wool that I have washed, dyed and spun  from a fleece. 
Everything in my shop is handmade just for you and the chances are you'll never get another the same.

When someone buys one of my items I am thrilled and I always hope they get as much enjoyment from it as I have enjoy making it. 

So why not help us celebrate handmade and buy genuine handmade work direct from the maker.

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