Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Mud, Mud Glorious Mud....!

Can you believe this weather we've had lately.
Call it what you will but it is not normal.

On Thursday we fried in one of our hottest days ever.
Kitchen window thermometer
We had been getting Eve ready to take to the Heckington Show.

Then two days later on Show day it threw it down - all day! It was a miserable day. My feet were wet and as the day went on it became colder. The gods were not in our favour.....
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because the second day of Heckington Show was a quagmire. Everywhere you looked was mud.......!

On the upside I got second prize in the section - 
Hand spun and knitted item.

Monday, 22 July 2019


Earlier this year I found this lovely little spinning wheel in a very sorrowful state in the back of an antique shop.

Dirty, broken and very unloved, but almost complete.

I have done some research on it and it appears to be French and about a hundred years old. I am amazed that it is made completely out of wood and leather, apart from the metal spindle through the wheel and you can see that that has been handmade.

Well my husband lovingly dismantled it, cleaned it, repaired it, fed it with linseed oil and made me a couple of spools. They are quite small and I only had one with it. Now I can spin and ply with it.

So this month it had its first public outing to my Guild meeting.