Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Paws across the Ocean

I was listening to our local Radio Lincolnshire yesterday and a lady was promoting a Facebook page she had just set up called 

This group is Lincolnshire based but the idea is growing fast.
Currently there are 4,569 people in the FB group.

Crafty people are using authorised patterns to make pouches and liners to send out to Australia in the fight to save hundreds of burnt and orphaned animals - koalas,possum wallaby and kangaroo to name but a few.

The fabrics used are soft and warm. Each outer pouch needs two or three inner pouches made from soft cotton. This allows them to be washed for hygiene.

Patterns can be found on the Facebook page.

So I have sorted through my fabric store and today I have been  cutting out pouches and inner pouches in readiness for a big sew tomorrow,

If you want to get involved go and find the Facebook page and get crafting Paws across the Ocean

Thank you for reading.