Saturday, 15 February 2020

Spinning with Lincoln Longwool

While Storm Dennis howls outside I decided to sit by the fire and spin some Lincoln Longwool.

I originally got this fleece to wet felt a small rug as a project at one of our Guild meetings which was very successful.
So the remaining fleece was washed and carded and now ready to spin.
The Lincoln Longwool is a beautiful animal.
It is the largest British sheep that was developed specifically to produce the heaviest, longest and most lustrous fleece in the world. Many were exported to improve the size and wool quality. 

The fleece is very versatile and great for spinning and weaving.
The staple can range from 8 - 18 inches in length and a female fleece can weigh up to 20lbs in weight.

It is now one of Britian's rarer breeds and categorised ''at risk'' by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust since there are approximately only 1500 registered breeding ewes in the UK.

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