Tuesday, 24 March 2020


Well lockdown begins.

I cannot believe the idiocy of some people that have taken the last weekend as an invitation to go on a jolly to the seaside or top tourist spots. Ambling around in crowds and eating ice cream.

Thousands of people worldwide have died from the Covid19 or otherwise known as Coronavirus.
This beautiful lady is my great aunt Bertha, newly wed and tragically taken during the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918.

I have family and friends all over the world and I worry for their safely as Covid19 has marched across the globe and now it has reached our shores. Even my county and people stick their heads in the sand, while other have selfishly panicked buy emptying the shelves so that shops are devoid of the basic commodities.

My elderly mother aged 92 went down to her local co-op and came back with nothing. 
It is a total disgrace.

I am hoping that things are going to improve a bit as restrictions have come into place.

'Lockdown' - restricted to you home and only going out for essential food supplies, medical issues, helping vulnerable people or essential services. Where possible to work from home.

I am busy stocking up my on-line shop Katrina Krafts.
Affectionately calling it my 'Corona Collection'.

Yesterday I was in the conservatory carding wool in the sunshine
In the company of our Jack Russell who was really enjoying the warmth of the sun.
Today I have been sewing making eco-bags from my stash of fabric.
This afternoon I went on my exercise bike. I cycled 5 miles and what a thrill as the clock turned over from 1999 to 2000.
Already I know people are going crazy because they can't go out. Unfortunately we are in an age when many people know nothing else other than doin what they want when they want.

Go back to the wartime when my mother was a young woman. 
Life was hard for everyone. The young men had been sent off to fight and many lost their lives fighting for the good of their country and the freedom that people today enjoy.

So for that very reason people need to take heed to requests for constraint to help save lives.

The only time I can remember when we were constrained was during the miners strike in the 1970's, restrictions were put into place. Electricity was put on a rota and there was a three day week.

I will survive this. The garden will look fabulous as my husband sets to with all the jobs he wants to do.

Be nice to people and stay safe.