Thursday, 9 July 2020


Well hello and how are you doing?

I really can't believe it is July already and still Covid19 is with us.

Has it affected you?

I've had family members that have had Covid and they have been really poorly with it, but luckily my immediate family have stayed safe.

I for one have kept myself busy with cleaning, crafting, gardening, cooking and working on my book - Fagus the Badger.

I have celebrated my wedding anniversary, missed my son's birthday and just had my own birthday.

I have been saving up for a 4 shaft table top loom and about three weeks ago a box was delivered, with my new baby.

It comes in flat pack form and I enjoyed putting it together. This is my first weaving project. A beautiful cotton scarf. It is so soft and I am thrilled with it. Woven in the the 'Rosepath' design.
This one is mine.....!

However, more will be following and you'll be able to find them in my Folksy shop.

Slowly we are emerging from lockdown, but we are a long way before it is over. So please take care and look after yourselves.

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