Monday, 5 October 2020

Life is Strange...!

This beautiful scarf is the latest item off of my loom.

Made from a soft cotton yarn and wool.

A check pattern in pinks and dark red with this lovely diamond pattern throughout.

Life is strange!

I lived in a weavers cottage high in the Pennines for nearly 20 years and only began weaving myself when I moved to Lincolnshire.

Our old house was built in 1828 and would have originally housed two large looms that were slotted into recesses in the thick walls. We had  two long lights that allowed the weavers to use the maximum amount of light. 

 The women spun the wool and the men wove on loom similar to this. Once the cloth (piece) had been woven it was taken on the back of a pack horse across the tops to be sold at the Piece Hall in Halifax.
The Piece Hall is a magnificent building (that has recently been renovated).
Rows of little rooms were occupied by the cloth merchants all trading and buying cloth from all the small weavers.

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